Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Date for braces is set!

It's official! Next Monday I go in for all the diagnostic records and then the next day BAM braces! Pretty excited :D. I'll let everyone how it goes next week!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Post root canal - Braces next

So this being my first blog here is a little background. My family never had dental insurance let alone the money to pay for it. Since my teeth are relatively straight my mother decided to let me decide on the correction of my teeth. I always knew that I had missing teeth so when the dentist told me that I was congenitally missing the two top lateral incisors that was not a surprise. However, I was not told that I still had a baby tooth with an impacted adult k9 until ohhhh 2 years ago. This new news kind of changed my perspective. I would like to say that I have always loved myself and my smile but that would be a lie. As a child I am sure you can imagine how hard it was and how crule children can be. I was teased alot. But through all the teasing I CAN say that it has made me a stronger person. I learn to love my teeth and "rock the gap" (read that in another blog on here.) I have been rocking the gap and I have been rocking it strong. I believe that everyone is made to certain specifications and they are beatuiful in their own ways. However, like I said this baby tooth news changed my mind. Did I want to chance it and wait for the thing to fall out (at who knows what age) and then have to deal with it then? When I am older? When my teeth are ever less reluctant to change?

So folks... here I am. I just finished a root canal and got the permanent crown on. I have already had a consultantion with an orthodontist and have come up with a tenative plan of action. I will be getting the ceramic braces on top and the metal on the bottom. (Figured I might as well attack the bottom if I am fixing the gap on top.) The first move will be the get the braces on. I am going to call the ortho on Monday to set that up. After that, sometime down the road, still not sure when, I will be referred to an oral surgeon to remove the baby tooth, attach a chain to the impacted k9 and hopefully pull that bad boy down and introduce her to my mouth. Judging by the x-rays and by reading some blogs, the impacted tooth seems to be in a good position. It is slightly crooked but I am confident that it has always wanted to be a part of my smile so it will come down. ;) It appears that the time for this varies so we will see. Next step... impalanting my lateral incisors once they front gap is closed.

Last thing... Day 1 photo.
Front :D
Left side view. The teeth on this side are lined up pretty well. This is my audlt K9.

This is the problem child side. The K9 here is a baby and the teeth are more on top of each other.

Cheers and thumbs up folks! I'll update Monday!