Monday, January 9, 2012

Life with braces II...

Lets see.... I don't hate the braces anymore. In fact I am actually amazed by them! I can't believe how straight my bottom teeth have gotten in such a short amount of time! The gap is also closing quickly. Of course it is still hard to adjust to the new gaps that are forming and I don't smile as much as I use to BUT I just try to think about how MUCH I will smile when this is all over. I'm not really looking forward to the next step, which I plan on discussing with my ortho in Feb. (She has been on maternity leave, baby girl :D) The next step involves them pulling out that baby tooth, attaching a chain to the adult tooth in the gums, then attaching the chain to the braces and attempting to pull it down. I just hope that the tooth comes down in a resonable amount of time and is USABLE. So we will see. Hopefully in the meantime I will be able to get the implant on the left side. We will see what she says! Here are some new pictures from Dec. My appointment time had to get pushed back to the 20th of Dec rather then the 7th so I am not going to see the doc until Feb 7th. Seems like a long time. I wonder what progress will be made.

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